Jeanne Grey

Jeanne Grey

Jeanne Grey, New York, US

Describe your style in 3 words.

Minimal, Monochromatic, Masculine.

What do you love the most about blogging?

The travelling that comes with the work that we do!

What is the highlight of your blogging career thus far?

Being able to create travel content and work closely with Trip Advisor this year was an amazing thing for me. This is one of the many highlights of my career this year! :)

You live in New York. What do you love about your city?

I love the individuality in this city! No one judges, no one labels, you can simply just be and it's a beautiful thing!

What is your favourite moment of the day?

I love early mornings. They always give this fresh feeling of turning a new page and being able to start over!

What is your favourite travel memory?

Morocco changed my mentality and my way of life! That entire trip was definitely memorable!

Which would you rather:

Coffee or tea? TEA
Heels or flats? FLATS (sneakers)
Stainless steel or leather strap? BOTH, depending on my mood ;)

What are 3 things you always carry with you?

My matcha drink, my phone, of course, and sneakers; because they're such a staple for me!

What is a timeless item that you have in your closet?

A white tee. It's super simple and versatile and allows me to create hundreds of outfits with it without looking repetitive! #Noonewouldeverknow!

What is the best fashion/style secret you have ever received?

My mother always told me that "if it's comfortable, go for it". I always stick to this advice and go back to it. To me feeling comfortable equals confidence and there is nothing more gorgeous in an outfit than confidence!

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What does minimalism mean to you?

Minimalism to me isn't just about dressing simply. It's a whole lifestyle in itself. For example, it's the ability to decorate your place in a simple manner, following the mentality of owning only the things you need, wear no frills, etc. It's a quality over quantity form of lifestyle.

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