LOVE Campaign


The Minuit Heart Gift Box is all about celebrations.
A celebration of life lived in the moment. For love expressed in the details. For starry nights and midnight wishes.
It’s a love tweak on our Minuit Mesh watch - in rose gold, gold and silver - with a matching heart bracelet.
The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Amsterdam in Love

A first date. A smile. Endless possibilities. A walk along the canal. Coffee and waffles. A new favourite feeling… Our Amsterdam love story pays tribute to new beginnings. To butterfly flutters and late night adventures. And that feeling, when you know, finally, that the real deal has come along. Someone who loves you. Gets you. And proves to you that the whole soulmate-thing might just be true after all.

Isaya Elais, Social Influencer, and boyfriend David

Where did you two meet?

Isaya: “We met during a modeling job at Vogue fashion night out in Amsterdam.”

How long have you been together?

Isaya: “3 years. ”

What was so far the most memorable moment in your relationship?

Isaya: “Ohhh, I know it may sound cliché.. But I can't choose one specific moment, because we have made so many memorable moments together and I know the best ones are yet to come!”

What is your favourite thing to do as a couple in your city?

Isaya: “We love cruising and strolling around town and search for the perfect spot to have some awesome food. But when it rains, which happens often in Amsterdam, we mostly get ourselves all the comfort food we want and watch a TV show or movie together at our place. We also found the best dancing partners in each other, so the festival season in the summer is one of our favourite moments.”

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