Say it with a gift Campaign

Say it with a gift

They say that the gift of time is the greatest gift of all.
Being around those we love. Sharing moments. Sharing gifts.
That’s what Christmas is all about.
We’ve put together our favourite CLUSE watches and jewellery to make these moments even more special

Beautiful, minimal timepieces that are gorgeous on their own and stunning when combined with our jewellery.
And since this is the season of giving, you’ll get a free strap when you buy a CLUSE watch from now until December 24th. That’s our gift to you.


It’s a moment.
When nothing is said and everything is understood.
It’s searching. It’s finding. It’s departing. It’s coming home.
It’s that delicate moment of discovery,
when insecurities are unwrapped and emotions uncovered.
It’s giving and accepting, sharing and connecting with those who love us for who we are.
It’s love that needs no words. No masking or explaining.
It’s the moments we can’t put into words with those that matter the most.

Our ‘Love Needs no Words’ campaign is our way of celebrating the holiday season. For unconditional love. For coming together. For sharing with those we love and who love us in return.

We don’t always need words to let people know how much we love them and learn how much they love us. Sometimes all it takes is being together, in a moment, to bring us closer together.