La Roche Petite

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    CLUSE La Roche Petite Watches

    Highly considered yet impeccably minimalist design elements are at the core of the La Roche Petite collection. The luxury and authenticity of genuine marble dials, combined with the stripped-down, clean design of the dials, make these women’s watches truly unique.

    The watch that takes inspiration from its wearers. Beautiful and feminine, yet strong and bold. Just like every woman who wears a CLUSE La Roche Petite watch, each and every watch dial is completely unique. Cut from raw stone, you can expect every one of these gorgeous watches to have their own unique markings.

    Women’s watches with extra chic included

    Slightly smaller than the models of our regular CLUSE La Roche collection, The CLUSE La Roche Petite is designed for an even more elegant look. These women’s watches come with a range of marble dials, from white marble to dalmation marble. Want to mix things up? The CLUSE La Roche Petite watches are available with a variety of high quality 16 mm leather or mesh watch straps.

    Uniqueness with extra elegance with the new CLUSE La Roche Petite watch collection.