Bi-Colour Watches




    Bicolour CLUSE Watches

    A shimmer here. A glint of light here. A classic silhouette but with a surprising twist. These CLUSE bicolour watches are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but everything you’ve dreamed of. Bathe in the beauty of mixed metals, with the elegance of this gorgeously chic watch style.

    The bicolour finish coats our iconic CLUSE mesh straps in stainless steel. Featured on our Triomphe watch, these straps are sure to dazzle and delight, but with that effortless ‘I just threw this on’ attitude.


    Metal madness! Silver and gold. Or silver and rose gold.

    Our shimmering, sparkling bicolour CLUSE watches are available in two colour combinations. Silver and gold or silver and rose gold. Letting you express your style, your way.

    As with all our CLUSE products, these CLUSE bicolour watches are made with only the highest quality materials. Thoughtfully designed. Impeccably finished. Stylishly worn.

    Show your stripes with our CLUSE bicolour watch selection.