Our values


It’s about being proactive, taking initiative and speaking up when you’ve got a good idea. You’re someone who perseveres, who’s results-oriented and goal driven. You care about what you do and it shows in your work. Always going the extra mile.


You’re excited about what you do, lifting the energy of the team and keeping spirits high. You have a positive attitude and keep things fun. Celebrating successes and thinking positively when things don’t work out.


Asking questions. Challenging the brief. It’s not enough for you to know what you’re doing, you need to know why.
You have a natural focus on innovations and improvements for the business and find yourself making suggestions that help the whole team. You are eager to learn, and are intrinsically motivated.


You are a CLUSE ambassador, always. It’s about the way you communicate. You use a respectful tone of voice, and treat others how you would like to be treated. You’re in control, and well-prepared. Keeping your composure in even the most difficult situations.


Sincerity means being authentic and staying true to yourself in every situation. It’s choosing to be honest, and possessing the self-awareness to admit mistakes. No matter what it is you are working on, you are doing it with the right intentions for the company.


Togetherness is showing a genuine interest in your colleagues and choosing to praise others instead of seeking personal glory.
Sharing knowledge, actively participating and supporting other members of your team. You have an understanding of how your team fits in the company, and how each department works together to achieve the company’s goals.