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Meet Anna Maria and Katharina Damm

Anna Maria and Katharina Damm are two popular sister-influencers from Germany, mainly active on Instagram and Youtube.

Not being afraid to love each other’s differences, they praise each other for what makes them unique in a positive and uplifting way. 

Their positive sisterly relationship is a perfect match for the launch of these two Vigoureux special edition watches.

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''When travelling life's journey, it's good to have my sister's hand to hold onto.''


The story behind the CLUSE X ANKAT collaboration​

We support sisterhood. With our real sisters, or our best friends. Supporting, accepting, pushing us to be better.

Sisterhood means sharing. And not just looks. Shared experiences, values, memories. The sister-bond is created by our similarities, but made stronger by our differences.

The CLUSE x Ankat collaboration shows our love for sisterhood, whatever form it takes.

Praising each other for what makes us unique. Celebrating our differences, together.

''My sister makes the bad times good and the good times unforgettable.''