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CLUSE watch guide

Watch Guide

Here you can find all the details on how to show your CLUSE Watches some tender loving care. From everyday use to general maintenance, we will answer all your most asked questions on how to take care of your CLUSE items in order to ensure that your watch is looking as good as the day we sent it to you!


CLUSE Watches come in all shapes and sizes. Circle or Square. Petite or Statement. Choose from a variety of our watches to find the one that fits your personal taste. Honour your style and make it personal!


You may wonder how you can take care of your CLUSE Watch on a day-to-day basis. Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Always clean the watch gently with a clean, dry, and soft cloth. Cloths containing dirt, sand or dust particles may lead to scratches and should therefore be avoided.

2. Try to avoid contact with the following: Perfume, cosmetics, cream, sun lotion or any other products. Also, try to avoid contact with hard/rough materials.

3. You should also try to avoid the exposure of your watch to humid environments (such as bathrooms while showering). Prolonged exposure to sunlight might also damage your watch. We recommend that you do not wear our watches during sports or while sleeping.

How to change the battery of a CLUSE Watch?

Has the battery run out on your watch? We want to ensure that you replace the battery of your CLUSE Watch at a certified local jeweler. Please note that the warranty will no longer cover your CLUSE Watch if you open the watch yourself. Enter your zip code and find the closest CLUSE jeweler near you.


How to change the watch strap of a CLUSE Watch?

Watch our video on how to change the watch strap of your CLUSE Watch to easily mix & match the straps. Most of our CLUSE Watch straps are easily interchangeable. Twist. Click. Change your strap with a snap and wear your mood on your sleeve.

CLUSE watch and strap

How to adjust the size of our CLUSE Watch Straps?

You can easily adjust your mesh watch strap at home with the help of this video. We highly recommend visiting your local jeweler to adjust the fit of your linked bracelet strap, so they can safely remove links without damaging the product. You can visit the product detail page of your strap in case you are having doubts whether you can adjust the strap yourself.

CLUSE watch and strap

Are CLUSE watches water resistant?

CLUSE Watches are 3ATM and 5ATM Resistant: This means that the watch is protected against minor splashes of water. 3ATM CLUSE Watches cannot be worn during showering, bathing, swimming or diving whereas 5ATM watches can be worn during cold/lukewarm showers. CLUSE Watches should not be exposed to warm/hot water or to chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products. Please note CLUSE watches can also be influenced by water vapor and condensation caused by warm environments or condition and thus, should also stay away from warm or hot water.

How to adjust the time and date of CLUSE Chrono Watches?

By pulling the crown to the middle position, you can turn the crown clockwise to set the date. To set the time, pull the crown to the furthest position and turn clockwise. Once you have set the correct date and time, push the crown back to the position you started with, and you are good to go! If you are not sure how to continue from here, you can always take a look at our warranty manual for further instructions.

CLUSE watches and watch straps for men and women

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