White Watches

    CLUSE white watch, women’s watches to make you shine

    CLUSE watches for women are designed in Amsterdam for fierce women across the globe. Our contemporary designs are crafted with attention and care with a strong focus on materials, quality and style. Regularly sharing fresh new collections of women’s watches to inspire your personal style.

    Let’s talk dials. Our white dials are the most iconic in our range of women’s watches. Explore our white watch dials in classic eggshell white, or Looking for something to make you shine? Explore white watches with a difference in our range of La Perle white watch dials - white women’s watches with some added shine. For a completely unique white watch dial, take a look at our white marble watch. Genuine pieces of marble cut from real stone, with naturally occurring veining patterns running through each watch face. These women’s watches are all completely one-of-a-kind.

    Brighten things up with bright white women’s watches and white watch women’s straps. Our bright white watch straps come in two styles and are all made from high quality leather. Delve into pure minimalism with our pure unstitched white watch straps, or add some fineness with our leather watch straps with high quality stitching.


    Women’s watches for summer

    Our white watches for women are a perfect way to complete your chic summer outfit.

    All of our white watch straps are interchangeable with any CLUSE straps of the same size, using the Click On/Off mechanism. Use our helpful guides to make sure you know the size of your white watch. As with all CLUSE watches, our white women’s watches are made from only the highest quality materials and design process.

    Be bright in summer with white women’s watches and white watch straps for women.