CLUSE Watches

    Welcome to the world of CLUSE Watches, where timeless elegance meets modernity. CLUSE encourages you to celebrate your unique individuality by choosing your watch to match your personal style. Whether square or round, with a leather or stainless steel strap, in any colour: choose the CLUSE watch that suits you! 

    CLUSE Watches for women

    Explore our 15 unique women's watch collections to express your individuality. Do you like square watches that add elegance to your style? Consider the CLUSE Gracieuse watch or CLUSE La Tétragone watch, also available in a smaller size as the CLUSE Gracieuse Petite. Do you prefer a round dial? Then our CLUSE Minuit is an ideal choice, the right mix of glamour and minimalism. Or those who appreciate a multifunctional dial, the new CLUSE Minuit Multifunction or the CLUSE La Tétragone Multifunction offers the perfect fusion of versatility and sophistication.

    CLUSE Watches for men

    With three different collections, CLUSE watches for men offer a selection of masculine and stylish watches. CLUSE Aravis, with its classic and minimalist look, is the perfect companion for every day. Or the CLUSE Vigoureux, which offers a luxurious look even for special events with its elegant yet sporty design. CLUSE Anthéor are the newest men's watches: the epitome of style, quality and affordability. No matter which one you choose, our CLUSE watches will give you a classy appearance for all occasions.

    All our CLUSE watches are available in gold, rose gold and silver finishes. Looking for some variety? Our CLUSE watches for men and women are available with a large selection of watch straps that can be easily changed: choose from leather, silicone or stainless-steel bracelets. Use our Strap Guide to find the right strap for your style!

    Ready to add a touch of elegance to your wrist? Explore our entire watch collection and find the perfect timepiece for you. With CLUSE, you're not just keeping time, you're making a statement.