CLUSE gracieuse petite



     CLUSE Gracieuse Petite watch

    Our newest Gracieuse Petite watches combine contemporary elegance with grace. Despite being modest in size, Gracieuse Petite reigns supreme, adding plenty of splendor to your wrist. These classic and small watches with a vintage look will give your outfit that finishing touch you're looking for.

    Just like our La Tétragone watches, the watches of our Gracieuse Petite collections all have a square case. With its 24mm case size however, this ladies watch is just a bit smaller than our La Tétragone watch collection.

    Looking for some variety? These Gracieuse Petite watches come in a variety of colours, like the gold/silver colour and a more outstanding green/gold combination.

    Make it fit

    These watches for women are available in a range of high quality leather and stainless straps. You can easily adjust the length of the stainless steel strap of the Gracieuse Petite watch by yourself, thanks to the slider. Made from only the highest-quality materials, we have designed the Gracieuse Petite watch to last.

    As with all CLUSE watches, the watch straps on the CLUSE Gracieuse Petite watches can be interchanged with any CLUSE 14mm watch straps on our website, using our click on/off mechanism.

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