CLUSE Chronograph Watch for men and women

    Chronograph watches for women.

    Embracing our origins while infusing a modern touch, we created a captivating addition to our watch collection. The blending of the minimalist essence of our pioneering Minuit watch with multi-functional elements results in a truly exceptional timepiece. Elevate your wristwear game now with our range of stunning chronograph watches for women!

    Chronograph watches for men.

    It's all about the details. Upgrade your wrist game with the masculine yet stylish CLUSE Chronograph Watch. Including three sub-dials and a date function, the CLUSE Chronograph Watch is the perfect everyday companion.

    Functionality to its fullest.

    Designed with precise attention to detail and produced from the finest materials, this watch will stand by your side throughout the seasons.

    Just like other CLUSE watches, embrace your individuality with our interchangeable strap functionality by choosing one of our watch straps. Choose your style and combine your watch with a new strap.

    Add a dash of class to your watch collection with CLUSE watches!