CLUSE Black Watches for Men

    Introducing our striking range of CLUSE Black Watches for Men. Confident. Cool. Mysterious. Yet true to our minimalistic aesthetic. Since we want to embrace your uniqueness, we offer black watches in both of our watch collections for men: The stylish Aravis and the sporty Vigoureux. Compliment your individual style with our metallic detailed watch faces or go for an all-black look with our black watches with black dials & black straps.

    CLUSE black watches are the new... Black!  

    Want to mix things up? You can pair up your black watch with any of our other watch straps of the same size. Leather, Silicone or Stainless Steel, you can choose the vibe you want to go for. Explore our watch strap collection, check that the size is right, and use the simple click On/Off mechanism to switch your straps all day long. Make a statement now!

    Also explore our stunning CLUSE Black Watches for Women.