CLUSE x Léanemarts

Collaboration CLUSE x Léanemarts


    Collaboration CLUSE x Léanemarts

    Renowned influencer @Leanemarts has collaborated with us to bring you a unique collection, and it's finally here! Countless memories. Joyful emotions. Delightful times with friends and family enjoying the last moments of summer. This is what the special collaboration between CLUSE and Léanemarts celebrates with this new collection.

    With a special edition, this collection recreates summer feelings: a Gift box containing a gold mesh La Tétragone watch with a special light rose dial with crystals and a bracelet with a pink bead. And a stylish backpack belonging to the Nuitée collection, with a unique colour combination: Dark Rose, Light Apricot with Rose gold details. Simply perfect to enjoy this last moment of eternity.

    About Léane Marts

    Léane, known as @leanemarts on social media, is a 22-year-old content creator who started 3 years ago. Followed by more than 6.5M followers on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, she speaks with her community on topics such as skincare, fashion, love, and shares her daily adventures with kindness, honesty, and enthusiasm, just like a big sister. Léane speaks with an open heart to her community, about self-development, self-confidence within, and to not worry about other people's opinions.