CLUSE Two Tone Watches 

    Step into elegance with our Two-Tone Watch Collection – a sophisticated fusion of gold and silver tones marrying classic and contemporary style. Elevate your look with these carefully crafted CLUSE timepieces, designed for those who appreciate the timeless allure of bicolor watches. 

    The two-tone finish coats our iconic CLUSE straps in stainless steel. Featured on our two-tone watch for ladies’ selection, these watches are the perfect choice to stand out with an effortless attitude. 

    Looking for a gold silver watch or a rose gold and silver one? 

    CLUSE two tone women’s watches are available in two colour combinations. Find the perfect watch in gold and silver or rose gold and silver watch. Match your own personality by choosing between our different two-tone styles. 

    As with all our CLUSE products, these CLUSE bicolour watches are made with only the highest quality materials. Thoughtfully designed. Impeccably finished. Effortlessly worn. 

    Express your own style with our CLUSE two tone watch collection.