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CLUSE Boho Chic Watch

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10 products
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CLUSE Boho Chic Watch

Bold in size, but feather light. Juxtaposing a big dial with perfect detailing and an ultra-thin finish. This thoughtfully minimal watch design is one of our all-time favourite CLUSE watches. 


CLUSE Boho Chic watch for all occasions

The CLUSE Boho Chic comes in a range of high quality metal finishes. Rose gold watches, for a touch of playful glamour. Go gold, for a wink of classic luxury. Or if you’re on the look-out for an ultra-modern watch, check out Boho Chic in silver

Feel like getting creative? This gorgeous collection of watches sports a range of unique watch straps. From high quality leather straps, to elegant mesh watch straps in different finishes, the Boho Chic can go from glamour to fashion in just two clicks! Love to mix and match? Check out our full range of 18 mm watch straps which can be interchanged with any of the Boho Chic case in our range.