Late October brings an unexpected burst of warmth, offering a unique perspective on life. A bonus summer round to create more memories. Léane and her family cherished a blissful summer vacation. Now, they share one last summer afternoon together laughing, dancing, and savoring this eternal moment, while wearing their CLUSE x Léanemarts watch, bracelet and backpack.

CLUSE x Leanemarts - backpack and watches on models
CLUSE x Leanemarts - watch and backpack

Renowned influencer @Leanemarts has collaborated with us to bring you a unique collection, and it's finally here! Infused with her signature playful and positive vibes, it's a collection we've all been eagerly awaiting.

CLUSE x Leanemarts

CLUSE x Léanemarts


Together with Léane we created the first ever CLUSE collection that includes a backpack and a gift box containing a watch and bracelet together.

The collection embodies Léane Marts’s distinctive playful and positive vibe while embodying the timeless simplicity and elegance for which CLUSE is renowned.


CLUSE loves Léanemarts

Léane, known as @leanemarts on social media, is a 22-year-old content creator who started 3 years ago. Followed by more than 6.5M followers on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, she speaks with her community on topics such as skincare, fashion, love, and shares her daily adventures with kindness, honesty, and enthusiasm, just like a big sister. Léane speaks with an open heart to her community, about self-development, self-confidence within, and to not worry about other people's opinions.

CLUSE x Leanemarts - watch